People Who Helped

A lot of people helped me create the healthy home that we live in now. Here are some of the most important contributors to this project.

Joel Rosenthal

My father has been a lifelong inspiration to me in many ways, including his incessant focus on health, and his constant questioning of the status quo. He is the one who first exposed me to integrative medicine, a philosophy that has allowed me and those around me to live a significantly healthier life.  He is also the one who, 20 years ago, first introduce me to threats and dangers of environmental toxins, and hence gave me the foundation from which to pursue building a healthy home.

Ed Lazzarini 

Ed is the best general contractor in the San Francisco bay area.  I know this because I have a *very* thorough research process in everything I do.  I found Ed because I went around looking for the best sub-contractors in the area, and then asked them, "who is the best GC you've worked with?"  Everyone pointed to Ed!  And they were 100% right.  He is fantastic.  And even better, he remained calm and collected when I handed him my 37 page, single spaced spec on building a healthy home.  If you're looking for a fantastic GC, look no further.  Here is Ed's Contact Info.

Mary Cordaro

I'm a good researcher, but I'm not a building scientist and hence I needed to find a professional healthy home expert to advise me along the way.  Enter Mary Cordaro, one of the best building scientists in the US.  She's not only great at what she does, but she has a team of specialists she works with for certain detailed areas of construction.  If you're considering building a healthy home, I highly recommend contacting Mary.  Visit Mary's Site