Paints and stains cover the largest surface area in your house, and off-gas directly into your indoor living environment. Worse, they can continue off-gassing for years.  Hence it is critical that you choose the right ones.


Extra Cost: <$1,000

Truly zero VOC paint is more expensive than normal paint, but much healthier for you.

What: Choose paints with low or zero VOCs and SVOCs1

Why: VOCs and SVOCs off-gas into your house and your breath them in.  Unfortunately many of these chemicals have been linked to cancer and other diseases.  They can also off-gas long after the “new paint smell” is gone.  VOCs can off-gas for years.  SVOCs can off-gas for hundreds of years!

How: Any normal paint store will have many low and zero VOC paints to chose from.  While these are good, they sometimes still contain chemicals that are not ideal for your living environment.  Hence, there are also specialty paint manufacturers like Yolo or Mythic that go a step beyond to have thoroughly non-toxic paints.    



Yolo – A great example of truly zero VOC paint