Unfortunately most insulation (including the standard pink insulation) is full of toxic fire retardants and other harmful chemicals. Those chemicals evaporate into the air, or collect on microscopic dust, and enter your house through visible and invisible cracks in your walls.  Hence, it’s important to chose insulation that is toxin-free.


Extra Cost:  <$100

What:  Use healthy insulation without toxic chemicals.

Why:  Those chemicals get through your walls and into the air in your house.1

How:  Use a non-toxic insulation.  I used, and highly recommend, EcoBatt, but there are others.  The good news is that it costs roughly the same price as “normal” insulation.

Extra Credit:

Most insulation comes either backed by paper, or paperless.  Contractors like the paper-backed insulation because it's easier to install and work with.  However, paper is fantastic food for mold and locking in paper behind your walls is generally not a great idea.  So ideally, use paperless insulation in your home.


1 .

Paperless EcoBatt Insulation
Closeup of EcoBatt Insulation